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What is Accounting/Bookkeeping Service ?

Bookkeeping services are necessary for all businesses to ensure accurate operational / financial information. Such information is required by Management, Regulators, and Investors. Also, it is a legal requirement for any business to maintain an appropriate book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid and tax filings are made on time. Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions of a business in an accounting system and the creation of reports. However, many small businesses do not have complete accounting departments and require external bookkeeping services. One Stop can provide your business with bookkeeping services through a network of Business Experts and Chartered Accountants across India. Accountants may handle more advanced tasks like tax preparation, budget analysis, and investment development. Both Accountants and bookkeepers frequently use advanced financial software to record and track their information. .

  • Self Attested copy of PAN Card.
  • Self Attested copy of Adhar Card.
  • Proof of Present Address- Passport/Voter ID card/ Utility bill or any other document asmay be allowed by MCA.
  • Proof of Permanent Address
  • Passport size photograph of all the directors
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Copy of Property papers(If owned property)
  • Atleast one Designated partner should be an Indian Resident


You should hire a bookkeeper as soon as you begin your business. This way you’ll avoid mistakes from the starting and reduce headaches.

No way! You shall still maintain 100% control of all decisions and all checks will still be signed by you. You choose what merchants get paid and when. We provide with the data and perform the specific task, but you approve all receipts for payment and sign all checks.

You should hire a bookkeeping service as soon as you start your business. This way you can avoid mistakes from the beginning and thus reduce headaches. Depending on your needs our bookkeepers can complete an entire year’s bookkeeping in as little as 3 hours’ time. If its so simple, can you do it in less time?

If you own a private limited company, then it’s recommended that you hire a professional bookkeeping service. Bookkeeping requires the use of double-entry journal accounting to ensure that the Trial Balance is correct. As a private limited company, whether you have one member or fifty members, the compliance, accountability and accuracy should be the same.

One Stop provides bookkeeping services across India in all cities. We have provided bookkeeping services in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur and other Indian cities.

One is one of the best online service portals to help factories and establishments to receive bookkeeping services in India. We have 10 years of experience in application of bookkeeping services. One Stop has 30+ regional offices in India and expand its network in India with 2000+ customers for bookkeeping services.

A bookkeeper puts together a complete database of your business’ income and expenses for your financial year. On the other hand, an accountant takes the bookkeeping data and creates the necessary books of accounts for tax compliance. The danger here is that the work of the bookkeeper has a direct affect on the work of the accountant. If the books of accounts are wrong, then the accounting reports will also be wrong. Hence, the importance of using a first-rate bookkeeping service is key to the success of your business.

Bookkeeping is relatively inexpensive and is crucial to the success of your business. It is important to keep an accurate record of your income and expenses, so you can make the right decisions at the right time thus reducing preventable losses. Small businesses are especially vulnerable in this area as they perceive great compensation from this exercise but underestimate the true value of labour and materials required. You would be better off with a bookkeeping service that will accept your receipts every two months and keep you profitable.

You must treat these as two separate businesses with two separate books of accounts. It is simple and clear rule that each business has its own books of accounts and GST registration as well. Also, each business requires its own separate business bank account.

Books of accounts comprise of a Journal, a Ledger book, a Trial Balance, Original and carbon copies of bills/invoices/receipts /, Cash Book, Profit and Loss A/c, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

Companies and LLPs are required to maintain books of accounts as mandated by their governing statutes, namely Companies Act, 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Further, Income Tax Act, 1961 also obligates the maintenance of the books of accounts, irrespective of the form of business, and has separate provisions related to it. Thus, there may be a situation where a Private Limited Company is required to comply with such legal provisions as well.

Yes, you are on the right track as you that would imply that you are preparing a part of books of accounts. But it does not cover all your transactions, so in order to keep records of all the transaction you need to maintain additional books of accounts like Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Cash Book, P&L A/c, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow Statements in commonly accepted accounting software, such as Tally or Oracle.

Maintaining or not maintaining books by handing over the job to a professional firm does not determine whether you need to undergo audit or not. Furthermore, there are several different types of audits such as, internal audit, cost audit, tax audit and statutory audit. Each audit has its own statutory requirements, thresholds of being conducted with relevant deadlines and due dates.

If accounting is the product, accounting standards are its manual. Accounting standards are enacted and published by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India which are meant to be followed by businesses for true and fair recording of their transactions. All accounting standards are not mandatory for all forms of businesses. Simply put, the bigger your business, the number of accounting standards which need to be followed.

No, you don’t have that option since you are legally required to maintain books of accounts irrespective of profits or losses. Not earning revenue cannot be an excuse for non-maintenance of books of accounts. In fact, as long as you are entering into financial transactions, you need to record the same. Another reason for maintaining books of accounts in the years of losses is that you can file income tax returns for the same and claim the benefit of setting off losses in the future years of profit.

Yes, you have an option of manually recording your transaction. It is not at all obligatory to do it through any specific software. But it’s always advisable to maintain accounts on a specific software to eliminate any errors or miscalculations.

No. An individual and a business are two completely separate legal entities. You may be a major shareholder of the business and an employee at the same time, but you cannot mix your own account with the accounts of the MNC. You have to be very clear about the fact that once you transfer anything owned by you to the business, it will from then onwards be treated business property. Hence, separate accounts should be maintained for individuals and businesses. Its would be a prudent practice to maintain separate bank accounts also to ensure flexibility and transparency.

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